‘Her Red Balloon’ is a short film that I made with the aim of creating a starting point for audiences of aged 8 and upwards to express, acknowledge & break the stigma of mental illness. Adapted from Shaun Tan’s picture book ‘The Red Tree’, I have tried to interpret it into a linear narrative, using visual metaphors such as storm in a teacup to suggest this. 
Tan says “The ideas of the original book are very broad and I think point more to a method of expression – of ‘emotional worlds’ - rather than any very specific content, so it not only endures variable interpretations, it almost demands them.”

With the support of ECO by BCUSU, I have translated the story through live puppetry & stop motion animation. I have led the entire project; designing, producing & making the piece with a bit of help along the way. 


her red balloon Treatment...

The  Journey behind the project...