Change My Mind 

Cannon Hill Collective

I was chosen to be a member of CHC 3.0, which was a collection of Birmingham’s young, bright, aspiring artists looking to develop our art form & ourselves with the support of each other with the support of the Next Gen team at mac Birmingham. From September 2014 - July 2015, we met up every week to explore our practice through working on ourselves to create positive change aiming to achieving our goals.

These sessions lead up to the conclusion of the first half of the project with a week intensive in December 2014. Collaborating with artists Leo Kay (Artistic Director) and Anna Smith (Creative Producer) from Unfinished Business on their emerging artists project titled ‘Change My Mind’. Change my Mind has been a performance project exploring human beings’ capacity for change and its impact on personal wellbeing and society. We searched for the meaning of ‘self’ through writing, music, meditation, ted talks and connecting as a whole. This accumulated in documenting our ‘Self’ through recording ourselves in whichever way we felt for 15 minutes. Then live editing it down to between 5-10 minutes  in front of an audience on the following day.

At the end of February I was set a task by Mercy Levitt to keep a visual diary of the positive things in my life for one month. I found the experience rewarding, although sometimes emotionally & physically draining. This led us to our second intensive with Leo & Anna, which accumulated into MIRRORS - my(future)self.

After Mirrors: my(future)self, which was the emerging artists project culmination;  Leo invited us to be artist assistants at the culmination of there research project - Process as Performance.

Seven artists took on the journey and one of the outcomes was Change My Mind | Process as Performance which was a performance installation. On the 4th of July at Rich Mix as part of the Barbican Openlab it was presented. My role with Louise Byng was to assist artists Chin Keeler and Emma Tornero on their installation. It was a fantastic to see the way they worked. I found the whole experience very inspiring and everyone's pieces where very thoughtful.